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Beard & Moustache Transplant

A beard and moustache is the symbolism of a male, and surely represents abundance of male hormones from a simple glimpse on the face. Once a man starts developing problems with facial hairs, this even leads to low morale levels and a lower confidence while representing himself before a third person.

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The various advance peel systems available with us include

Facial Hair Transplants use the latest FUE Transplant technology to carefully extract hair from the back and sides of the scalp and transfer them to the face. The procedure is carried out under local anesthetic and it’s a walk-in walk-out procedure. You can get back to your normal routine quickly.

How does the FUE Beard Transplant procedure works?

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure, as used for hair transplants, is also utilised in Beard, Moustache, Goatee and Sideburn Hair Transplants.

This method is a minimally invasive procedure used to restore hair density on different areas of the face. The procedure can take between three and nine hours – depending on the area treated and amount of hair required. For example, a goatee may require up to 1,500 hairs, while a full beard may need up to 

4,000 hairs. Once this is completed local anaesthetic is administered to the areas of the face for the hair transplant. Careful and skilful attention is used to ensure the extracted hairs are then implanted, one follicle at a time, at the right angle to give highest density and most natural looking results.

The Results

The hair transplanted during an FUE Beard Transplant are placed permanently and will look natural. The difference will be noticeable immediately after the procedure is completed. As with any FUE Hair Transplant the full results are typically expected within several months.

The hair growth will begin and continue to grow as it does on the rest of the beard, sideburns, and moustache.

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Karma Manuvamsham
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Excellent service, knowledgeable and friendly staff. And very cost effective.Will recommend to all people who look for quality service and client delight.
Arvind VJ
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Very good experience Within five month I am satisfied Thank you DermaVue

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