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What is Hair Transplant?

Post: What is Hair Transplant?

What is Hair Transplant?

top hair transplant center in Trivandrum

Hair fall problems are accelerating day by day. Not only men but all types of people from different age groups are suffering from it. Hair transplant can be explained in simple words as the process of removing hair from its strong growth areas to areas where it lacks. This restoration method is minimally invasive.  It is proven effective for all kinds of people. Top hair transplant center in Trivandrum offers authentic treatment for you.

Top Hair transplant center in Trivandrum

A hair transplant is the best solution for any kind of hair fall issue.  DermaVue clinic offers the best service in town. In 90% of cases, hair fall is not a disease as a result it cannot be treated or cured completely. But through proper and effective hair transplant methods we can hinder hair fall issues to a greater extend.

Types of Hair transplant

There are 3 major types of hair transplant methods they are:

  • FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) – In this method, individual hair follicle units will be removed from the donor areas one by one.  These will then be implanted in the targeted areas of the head. 
  • FUT(Follicular Unit Transplant) – Hair is transplanted from the back and sides of the head and is moved to the bald areas of the head. 
  • DHT(Direct Hair Transfer) – Follicle units are extracted individually from the donor area. These are then implanted with a patented device that is called a transplanter without the creation of reception holes. 

How effective the method is? 

With the top hair transplant center in Trivandrum, you would experience a magnificent cure for your problems. The method treats various conditions in males, females, and children. As the process involves minimal complications it is the most accepted treatment method. 

DermaVue is the top hair transplant center in Trivandrum that offers durable and strong treatment services. Associate with the expert to enjoy admirable benefits. Contact us now. 

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