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Why you lose hair?

The male pattern of hair loss usually affects only front & central area of your scalp. Genetically your hair in this area is hormones sensitive. These hairs become gradually thin & die in a particular pattern. The hair on the back and the sides of head are genetically strong, live permanently and not affected by hormones. We use the roots (follicular units) of this permanent hair and graft them where you have lost hair.

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Bijin Ravindran
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I had my hair transplant done on April 1 2018 and I'm very pleased with my result so far. Great Doctors and they really care about the patient. All the staff are friendly, pleasant and super nice . Clinic is very clean and Organized. I would recommend this to anyone thinking about not only getting a transplant, but having an amazing experience while doing so . Thanks for a wonderful experience!
Anoop Kanan
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This is my 6th month after hair transplant surgery.i had a third grade baldness . now I got my confidence back. Thanks to team Dermavue


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