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Unwanted hair growth is a matter of concern, especially for women. It not only ruins their confidence but also causes several after-effects. Therefore it is vital to get rid of these unwanted growths on your skin. Offering the best laser hair removal treatment in Kerala, we at DermaVue ensure effective results.  Laser hair removal Treatment  […]

Unwanted Hair Removal through effective laser treatment

Laser Hair Removal Method

Nobody would tolerate anything unwanted in their body. Likewise, they would go to any extreme to get it removed. Hair growth on certain areas of skin can cause discomforts and tensions. With DermaVue the solution is near and safe. Shaving, tweezing, or waxing can only ensure minimal results. Hence, we have adopted an updated and […]

Laser Hair Removal

PRP treatment is getting popularity nowadays as large number of people, celebrities and medical specialists are opting for PRP for treating the acne scars on the skin. The technique seems to be amazing and giving great results after the treatment with injection of own blood into the skin. The treatment involves centrifugation of the blood […]