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Skin Acne Treatment And Understanding PRPs Treatment As A Cure


Acne is a very common skin problem which is faced by the people. At Dermavue, Skin Specialist in trivandrum, our experts meet a huge number of patients who have complaints related to acne or other form of skin diseases. Acne is the most common and frequent skin issue which is treated by the skin specialists. The general term which is used for acne is pimples or bumps on the skin. The acne is a skin problem which can be understood as red bumps on the face skin during adolescence. The basic reason behind the acne is the filling of dead skin and oils in the hair follicles on face skin. The other reason can be the infected sebaceous gland which secretes oil to lubricate hair and skin.

So what can be done to treat acne to rejuvenate the skin and how it works……..

The answer to this question is PRPs treatment which is the Platelet Rich Plasmas. The platelet rich plasma is a protein which is derived from patient’s own blood by removing red blood cells using centrifugation. PRPs have cytokines and growth factors which can help in treatment such as growth of hairs, dentistry, plastic surgery etc.

PRP use for acne treatment

PRP treatment is getting popularity nowadays as large number of people, celebrities and medical specialists are opting for PRP for treating the acne scars on the skin. The technique seems to be amazing and giving great results after the treatment with injection of own blood into the skin. The treatment involves centrifugation of the blood to achieve the Platelet rich fibrin matrix or PRFN that has some great growth factors which can help healing skin by collagen regeneration. The PRFM is also termed as liquid gold due to the purity of the platelets which are the active growth factors.

How does PRP treatment benefits

The two important components which help in getting a better and well nourished skin are the collagen and elastin. These two proteins are the essential nutrients which are required for young and healthy skin. The Prp (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment made to the skin help in regrowth of these two proteins by stimulating the generation and this is how the skin starts to get healed. The specialists at DermaVue skin recommends PRP therapy or treatment to its patients to the amazing outcomes found till date. So if you are thinking of having a acne treatment then you can surely consult and go for PRP treatment without thinking twice on it.

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